Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 244- The Sweet Chili Sauce Experiment

I'm down to one type of sauce (ok, and a bit less than half a tiny can of tomato paste). The sweet chili sauce of yummy love (+1).

Pretty much anything in my kitchen can (and should) be eaten dipped in this stuff. I'm sure of it now. I started with my spicy pancake/ nugget thing.

And when I say started, what I really mean is I made two or three of them throughout the day, dipping each one in *more* sauce. Yum.

I thought the spicy nugget would end up too spicy with nothing to cut the heat, but nope. The sweet chili sauce made it extra nummy, and the sweetness cut the heat just fine.

Then I made more noodles, this time with onions and powdered ginger, and nommed them. There was still some chili sauce (though not much) on my fork when I mixed them up, so there was even a bit in that. Super nummy.

Of course, I still haven't quite gotten around to the crock pot scouring, so I haven't made the fried bean roll things. But I'm pretty sure they'll taste good in the sweet chili sauce too. If I weren't running so low on general supplies I'd mix up a batch of cookies or a coffee cake and see how they did with this yum sauce, too.

Oh, and I had a biiig sugary mug of chai. I might have to cook up a batch of simple syrup for sweetening, and make "sweet tea" using the chai, a whole lot of ice, and some tasty simple syrup.

For, you know, that authentic southern drinkyness.

Or something.


  1. Your sweet chili sauce addiction is sounding like my sriracha addiction.

  2. Hey, with a bottle of this stuff and a jar of tony chachere I can make almost anything taste good!

    sriracha's good in the oven fry mix, too... just can't use as much of it.

  3. Lubs the srirracha sauce. They make a great chili paste too (super yummy in pastas).

  4. ...they make... _paste_? O.o

  5. If it's the brand with the green top and the rooster as the logo, they make a chili paste (not as spicey but it does have a kick). It's super delicous on almost everything.