Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 245- Sad Fried Rice

I am (happy happy, joy joy party time?) finally Out Of Rice.

I had a tiny little bit from the most recent bag left. I also *knew* I had a couple onions and at least one carrot.

In my sad (hungry) little mind, that sounded like a perfect collection of food for a sad little bowl of veggie fried rice.

When I went digging in the magic drawer of veggie-rotting, though, I found a strange yellow squash of truly astonishing properties. It was one mom had sent home with me about a month ago. It wasn't squishy, and it really wasn't furry at all, either. In my magic rotter drawer.

I simply had to add it to my food.

First, though, because I didn't want the yellow squash to overpower my (rather sad) 1/4 onion and small carrot, I peeled that yellow monster. Anyway, who knows what kinda strange stuff it picked up after being in my fridge that long...

So I peeled it (I know, I know, vitamins...) and scooped most of the seeds out, and chopped it up along with the (part of an) onion and small carrot (also peeled). Then I fried them all up in a bunch of oil and a bit of salt while the rice cooked.

Did I mention it was only about 3/4ths of a scoop of rice? I don't think I got the scoops to water quite right, but the rice was neither too sticky nor too crunchy, so I figure it worked out ok.

Dumped the rice in the pan with the (by now very well cooked) veggies and salt and vinegar (can't forget that), dumped a bunch of soy sauce on top, and mixed it up.

Smooshed pretty nicely into my bowl. I think I actually almost prefer my fried rice *without* cabbage, but it's so cheap and so good for me, I'm not sure it's right to give it up. Plus, it makes the rice go muuuuch farther.

Anyway, the rice actually turned out better than I expected. I thought it might be too rice-y, or too veggie-full, but it was just about perfect.

Then, later, I made a batch of noodles, with more soy sauce, plus oil and some garlic powder.

I *really* need to cook up a new batch of beans and make those fried roll things. At this rate I'm going run out of everything else *except* beans, and be eating them plain from the pot. That'd just be nasty.

And that's without worrying about total amazing calorie shortage. Ugh. Need to work more, so I can buy junk food, so I can stop dropping weight. Or at least so I don't look at what I ate for the day, add it up in my head, and wonder how the heck I think that actually counts as food.

This would be so much easier with a chef and 85 million dollars. And tasty vegan donuts.

Ok, going to go drool over donuts and talk myself into a tasty bowl of paste... er oatmeal. Yeah, that's it, tasty oatmeal.

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