Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 246- Random Food Day

Yesterday kinda somehow managed to go downhill, food-wise, after oatmeal.

I wasn't aware that it was possible for my food to go downhill from oatmeal, but it turns out it can. I was surprised.

Basically, I ate noodles with oil and soy sauce all day long. Not bad for the first bowl. By end of the second bowl I was beginning to wish I'd actually cooked some beans.

note- you know you're lazy when you can't quite bring yourself to put beans and water in a pot, turn the pot *on*, then ignore it for 4 to 8 hours. srsly.

Back on topic...

So around 10 or midnight (I'm not really sure, I lose track of time after it gets dark... funny, that...) I decided to go crazy and mix up a batch of rolls with (most of) the rest of my flour. The rolls turned out ok, other than the bit where I didn't roll them in anything, so they're really just twisted, boring bread.

The problem, I suspect, is the tomato paste I used to make sauce.

See, it's been in the fridge for a while now... And it may or may not have had a couple of areas with suspiciously pale areas. You know, that may or may not have been thinking about growing fur.

So if I drop dead and you never hear from me again, it's 'cause I poisoned myself with toxic tomato sauce. I nuked it though, so it *should* be ok... right? Tasted fine, anyway.

Only reason I'm concerned at all is that when I woke up, the first thing I did was chug a biiiig cup of water. Now it feels like there's one of those kids "toys" that expands in water in my intestines. Only instead of some cute slimy soft thing, this is an angry cat with twelve paws, and 7 claws on each of them.

Which, now that I think of it, could be because I just chugged water into a body holding about a pound of mostly dry bread... Which expands when it gets wet...


In other news, mom read about my sad fridge o' unveggie-ness yesterday and decided to buy me veggies when she was doing her shopping. Dunno which veggies, though, 'cause they're at her house, and I'm... not. I *think* I've talked my sister into running them at least back to her place for me, but with my sister... who knows.

Also, the TD went on a home visit, and if he passes might have a forever home. Is it one of you? Dunno. But I'm sure the rescue people will find Bear another temporary pal if he loses this one.


  1. a little tip on tomato paste. After I open a can, I put the rest in the freezer in a small tupperware. Usually then you can scrape bits off with a spoon after about 10 mins on the counter. It doesn't quite freeze solid.

    Don't want you to get food poisoning!

    I wish I could deliver you vegetables and maybe some fruit. You seem to be wasting away.

  2. Met up with mom, now have *plenty* of veggies. Like, _*PLENTY*_, srsly.

    I'm trying to encourage strong stomach/ intestinal flora and fauna... Not tapeworms, but the magic poison eating type. I figure with the no-dairy, and the allergies, I should at least have *some* part of my gut that's super strong.

    I'll try freezing the tomato paste next time. It's both cheaper than buying the snazzy tube, and "safer" than keeping the part I haven't used yet in the fridge. Full of save!