Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 252- And I Stuffed Myself

Like some kind of animal for ritual holiday sacrifice (and roasting, and nomming).

There's something just plain wrong with trying to fatten myself up going into the "holiday" season. I don't know if it's my mental image of me, apple in mouth, on a huge platter with some kale, a la Bugs Bunny(I think) or just a general dis-inclination toward "fattening", but I'm really not enjoying it.

Note- No pic for that one, too many pages of roasted... yeah.... It's a bit too early in the morning for that, thanks.

But yeah, so I feel like I'm fattening myself up for winter harvest. Which is wrong, because only crazy people eat people. And I'm bony anyway.

What sort of stuff did I eat yesterday?

  • A biiig batch of fried tofu and home fries, with 3 potatoes and a big chunk of onion;
  • Two (big) calzones with pan fried eggplant chunks, onion, tofu ricotta, lots of salt and a solid glug of oil;
  • Red sauce equal to about half a tin of tomato paste for dipping.

Did I mention that I'm still stuffed? The calzones were really good. Would have been better with some black olives, so maybe next time I'll remember them. Also would have been better if I'd remembered to let them cool a bit before eating.

So now I have a raw section right behind my top front teeth, from where the sharp edge of the bread cuts in when I bit. And right behind that, on the solid bit behind the teeth, before the archy- bit of the mouth starts, I've got a blister.

Yep, I ate food so hot that it blistered the roof of my mouth. It also made my tongue feel rough and tender. Kinda like I think a cat tongue must feel to a cat. Only with burning and pain, too.



  1. i think i've missed something. why are you trying to fatten yourself up for the holidays? i caught the "nerdy skeleton" reference earlier, but what is it about the holidays that makes you think you need to change that?

  2. It's not the holidays really that are my goal, more the way the timing has worked out. I've gone from dead on my ideal weight to more than 10% below it. my body is happy where I am now. Mom and Dr's? Not so much.

    I'm taking (most of) November off to try and regain at least some of it, but who knows...

  3. Are you still going to keep us posted in November about what you are eating or are you taking the month off from blogging too? I will miss you (and the Bear pics!)

  4. I'll still be here, with all my goofy food and whatnot... whatever it ends up being.

    I dunno about the Bear pics... that's up to him.