Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 253- Fried Rice and Soy Sauce... Again

So the dark soy sauce is great for adding color to my food. And if I were dipping stuff in it I'd be super happy and probably ODing on flavor and whatnot.

But when I add it to my fried rice, I guess I don't use enough for it to taste right, 'cause I tried it last night.

See, I made fried rice, and didn't use much salt in the "frying the veggies" step. I thought I'd have plenty of salty goodness in the soy sauce, and I'd be set.

Nope. Adding only one or two Tablespoons of soy sauce to 6 cups of rice and about the same of veggies is, it turns out, not quite enough to make it taste amazing. Looks amazing, just missing the flavor deally. If I add more, though, my food will be Black.

Which is really not all that appetizing.

Fixed it, though.

Salt and sweet chili sauce to the rescue. Not *quite* the taste I was going for, but oh well.

Now I know I need a medium soy sauce for actually cooking with, and I'll save the dark stuff for dipping tasties in.

Anyone decided if they're playing this latest cheap food game with me? $1/lb ingredients, no limit on number, type, or total budget? Sounds like fun to me...

Oh, yeah.... sad to report that the TD does *not* have a shiny new home. He's still lumbering (goofily) around Mom's house, being pounced by Bear. Poor TD.

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