Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 254- Lazing, Games, and The Fried Rice

You'd think by now I'd know better than to buy rice. All I do is make a big pot of fried rice with it. Then another, and so on until it's all gone. I never do anything interesting with it.

And once it's in that big pot of fried-rice-ness, I just hate it. I push off eating it. I whine about it. Un-fun.

But it is easy to make...

I reheated a bunch of it yesterday. Added extra salt, extra soy sauce (making it a deep mahogany brown), and drizzled gobs of sweet chili sauce over it.

It became eat-able and I was (mostly) happy. So that worked.

Otherwise, my allergies have been misbehaving again, so I'm benadryling it, which means extra sleep, and less than sharp braining. Also, oversized (or full-sized) keyboard of +1 disfuntion is causing me ongoing fits.

Added to Fail-ful keyboard, I have the matching Fail mouse. Fail mouse is full of fail. Srsly. It's no good for playing games. So I don't want to type (bad keyboard) and I can't play games (bad mouse). I think I need to hook up the "old" computer of spidered-screen-ness. At least I can type with it.


Maybe I'll branch out and make some pizza today... I need to finish the eggplant. It's good on pizza.

I seem to have lost my "voice" again... I suspect the benadryl is holding it hostage.


  1. I thought I posted this on the last entry, but it's not there...for future ricely reference, the secret to really good fried rice is hoisin sauce. A bottle of hoisin costs just a little bit more than a bottle of soy.

  2. Hoisin, huh? I'll add it to my shopping list

  3. I never know what to do with hoisin sauce, it's sitting in the refrigerator for the longest time now. I figured hoisin had to be coupled up with mirin and others to taste good. Maybe I just haven't found the right recipe that doesn't need a wealth of ingredients.

  4. I haven't had it by itself (that I know of), so I dunno.

  5. Mostly what you do with hoisin is put it on pork. It has the same flavor profile as barbecue sauce--sweet-sour-umami-garlic. Maybe not the most versatile ingredient for a vegetarian.