Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 255- Calzone!

I said I would, so I did!

I maked the calzones. I maked (yes, I know, not a word) them with eggyplant (also not a word) and umyums (also also not a word). Oh, and tofu ricotta tinted lightly pink by the dregs of red sauce in the bottom of the bowl when I mixed it up.

Then I baked them. It was good. I managed about half of one.

They (both of them) were/ are huge. Like, really really bigger than my head huge. Like bigger than a burrito from Moe's bigger than my head. Like bigger than a big calzone from the place in the mall big.

Not as cheesey, though.

So while they were finishing cooking, I made some red sauce to dip them in. Started with the tomato paste, clawing what was left out of the jar (yeah, yeah, I know, bad idea...), then adding salt and some garlic powder, then some more salt.

Then I reached into the cabinet for the Italian seasoning.

Did I mention that I've finished the kosher salt and am now shaking my (iodized) salt, just like everyone else?

I spinned (more fun than having spun, dunno why) the top off the Italian seasoning. Having just shaked the salt and shaked the garlic powder my arm decided that I must now shake the Italian seasoning, too.

The Italian seasoning Who's shakey top I'd just spinned off.


Then, instead of doing like normal people do and scooping the un-tomatoed bit back into the jar, or scooping the (seriously over the top) extra into the trash, I added water and mixed it up. And mixed. And mixed. And eventually just accepted that my red sauce for dipping was going to be green-ish and smell like grass (like the type growing in most people's lawns) and oregano.

So I ended up with green clumpy reddish sauce that tasted like unsweetened yerba mate.

Which I really don't recommend. Oops.

Also, is it November yet? I'm not ready for NaNo, but I could really go for a pint of Ice Cream. And probably less caffeine/ more sleep. Or just the ice cream.

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