Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 258- Happy Halloween!

It's probably my all-time favoritest "holiday" ever. Of course, that could just be because I like black, and fire, and dressing up and candy.

But I'm sure there's something else, too.

Hopefully I'll manage to track down some cheap (but tasty and not-bacon) candy later today for official holiday nomming. Then I think I'm supposed to go do karaoke with my sister and random others at a bar, dressed up, of course.

If I'd planned it out in advance (read: actually left the house this week) I'd have some scary books picked out for random trick-o-treaters in my neighborhood for All Hallow's Read.

Somehow holidays just get better when you can give out books... Dunno why...

Otherwise, I fried some more (curry flavored) tofu, thought about making bread or rolls or the odd pancake thing, but decided against it, and spent most of the evening/ night dreaming about baked mac and cheese with ground cashews instead of cheese, and panko on top, with maybe a bit of curry or cajun seasoning.

Sound like a good start to "off budget" eating? *I* think it does.

Also, I'm temporarily out of diet soda and need to decide- Do I *really* want it, or do I want to try and get my tastebuds back to normal... I just don't know.

Everyone ready for November?


  1. Halloween is my favorite too, but I think I missed the spirit boat this year. It always sucks when it falls on a 'school night', so my festivities occurred Friday night, and it just was kind of lamer, people weren't as drunk, costumes weren't as fun, and then I found out there was a big screw-up with what had previously been some awesome data analysis that I did the day before, and my advisor will probably throw a shit fit when he hears, so that pretty much killed all my fun times.

    But I am going to make November rock, since autumn is my favorite season. I need to load up on canned pumpkin and apple cider and start baking, and I've got a gajillion savory squash recipes to try. And I need a new roasting pan so I can start in on the awesome turkey recipes in the new Bon Appetit (I miss Gourmet).

    But it looks like boot weather is FINALLY starting here in Missouri, so hooray, I LOVE BOOTS!

  2. My cavity in the back of my mouth objects to the candy I've been nomming on today. Normally we don't get much in the lines of candy as a family, but on Halloween, you guessed it: Sugar-rama.

    As with the advent of November looming, I'm not looking forward to the colder weather. Chimney's will be stoking = smell of firewood = high alert for housefires.

    I guess if we lived in our own home I wouldn't freak out so much. Then again...who knows. It might be worse.

  3. Kim- yeah, I normally do a bit more design-wise.. or want to, anyway. I never seem to get around to it, and have worked the last 4 or so Halloween's I was in the US, so missed out almost totally.

    Gotta say, though, going in to work at walmart dressed as myself was always fun...

    Ooh, canned pumpkin? Don't forget to make muffins with it. They're super yummy, and you can make them taste *just* like pumpkin pie if you play with them enough...

    MrsQ- I can see candy + cavity being a big icky pile of fail. But it's so yummy. Just sometimes, though...

    The burning season can be scary, I think. I live in a rural enough area that people burn their trash... some of them almost *all* their trash. Burning trash smells *a lot* like burning house, I think... Woodsmoke, not so much. Remember, burning house has a lot more plastic and other icky smelling stuff in it, and try to relax. The stress is no good for anyone.

    In your own house you might be more relaxed, but who knows... Everyone worries about something, maybe that's just your *thing*.

    What you *should* do is use this great weather/ time to hunt down tasty root veggies and make a big vat of chowder. Veggie, fish... whatever. Autumn with skeletal trees, and the last (maybe) of the bright colored leaves is a great time for chowder. Or, you know, pot roast, if you like that kinda thing.

    With some nice heavy bread, with a drizzle of molasses in it for extra dark and tasty? full win.Srsly

  4. Oh, molasses on bread? I've never tried that. We have some homemade bread and I think I have molasses tucked away in a cabinet somewhere (unopened). Gotta try that!

    Oh, and house fires out here are horrendous during the winter. Across the street the same building has been on fire 2x since I moved out here (once when we lived there and years after we moved out, both I hear were arson). I was fine with the smell of burning wood... until I moved to New England. And people burn crappy wood too, it smells like gym socks (gag).

    *Finding a happy place in the form of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup* Dang cavity.

  5. Ack, no, not on... *in*- like as an ingredient while cooking it... I think it's the thing that makes boston brown bread brown. like a tablespoon per loaf, or something. doesn't take much.

    Apartments catch fire. so do hotels. and cheap rentals in neighborhoods with high turnover. Just assume most fires are caused by either landlords desperate to cash out/ boot bad tenants, or people cooking meth. Then avoid both groups and have your chimney cleaned regularly.

    *much* lower chance of your house burning down.