Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OBD 2- Broccoli Attacks!

Or, you know, maybe not.

Before I dive into food, I must admit, I have made no more progress on my nano novel except perhaps a big fight with my (fictional) hero (in my head) about who the heck he is. Also, missed this link yesterday-

Genreality- good, interesting, not happy happy joy joy, group blog by a bunch of writers.

Ok, back to food. Technically, all I ate on the 2nd was half a pint of (ZOMG, tasty) ice cream, which is now gone. You might call it "dinner". The previous meal was just before midnight, and the next one just after.

So, since I'm sure no one wants to read about ice cream (all gone, sob), I'll tell ya about what I ate just *after* midnight.

Right, so I went to the store yesterday. Picked up 3 decent sized sweet potatoes, a lemon, a good sized onion, a bit over a pound of broccoli ($1.47/lb, I think it was), and a box of super cheap store brand mac and cheese.

I was craving it. Craving I tells you.

Was a mistake, btw.

Anyway, I cooked up the box of mac and cheese (with water+tofu+blender for "milk" and oil instead of butter), about 1/2 cup of broccoli chopped into small bits, and another batch of the curried popcorn-tofu stuff.

It was *almost* a real meal. Actually, more like 3... A bit short on veggies, heavy on cheese (ugh, mistake) but very filling.

It actually tried to overflow my plate. I *hate* when the food touches other food. I don't know how many people hate it as much as I do, but I used to have plates with sections in them (yes, like babies eat off of...) that I *loved*. They went with the last roommate. Or maybe to her sister, whose son *also* doesn't like the food to touch.

Anyway, that's why I usually make "one dish" meals. Without the dividers it's tough to keep everything separate.

You should see me at thanks-for-giving, trying to keep each different food in it's own little area, with a nice clear border...

Um... yeah... enough weird food talk for today.

Now, to finish the ($0.34) mac and cheese, and never ever ever buy it again. My head hurts....


  1. I have a serious complex with my food touching. And it used to be so bad that I would eat all of one thing before I started on anything else - sometimes I still do that.

    See, when I was a kid and asked my dad what happens to the food when you eat it, he told me there were gremlins in my stomach who came out and ate the food. (Because digestion is such a difficult topic?). Anyway, I became convinced that, like me, there are probably some gremlins who like some foods, and some that like others, and I was worried that if I switched back and forth, or let my food mush together, I'd confuse the gremlins, which is rude.

    So yeah, 24 years later and I'm still paranoid about letting my food touch. Thanks, dad.

  2. Yes! Well, except maybe the gremlins bit. but yeah, I do tend to eat around my plate- all of one thing, then all of the next, down to the last, least tasty thing.

    Gets weird at fancy restaurants, though (or, well, ones that'll even *feed* me...), with the artfully piled food. I know the flavors are supposed to mix, or something, but I just wanna taste one thing at a time, ya know?

    Note- the "eat all of one thing before moving on to the next" thing doesn't work so when when you're pulling apart a cake. the frosting's usually the only part that tastes good on its' own....

  3. No see, cake is just one thing. Also, mashed potatoes are one thing, but gravy is not a thing, but there are no gremlins that don't like gravy on their mashed potatoes, and there are no gremlins that DO like gravy on there broccoli. And so went 18 years of my life, at least. I still don't like any kind of sauce or 'stuff' on my veggies.

  4. I don't really mind eating separate foods in the same mouthful, but I still prefer that they not touch before I actually eat them. (I love the divided plates!) Also, I am not sure if you would be interested, but Cabot brand cheese--my current favorite--is lactose free, so maybe you could "cheat" without feeling like your insides are trying to kill you> :)

  5. Kim- see, cake *can be* one thing- when the cake is frosted with, say, ganache. But when you frost the cake with butter cream or cream cheese frosting (or vegan equiv...) and then pipe wild patterns on it or wrap it in fondant, cake becomes decoration, frosting, filling, *and* cake. On the whole gravy/ veggies thing- what about gravy on mozz cheese fries, like those zany Canadians do? Or do potatoes *always* count as mashed?

    Lindsey- I don't know how lactose free they are, but I can try them. I used to buy Tillamook, because they use vegetarian rennet substitute instead of normal rennet, but if there's a veggie Cabot, I'll try it. Er, when I get paid.

    Now I want cheesy potato/ onion chowder. Yargh, I knew this cheese thing would do this. Oh well, eventually my stomach will attack hard enough to kick me out of cheesing again. Just hope it happens soon....

  6. Hee hee, you're just as crazy as I am. Gravy is never on anything but mashed potatoes, stuffing, or the meat it came from. But cheese fries are ok, (with ketchup yes, gravy no) and there are a gajillion things that are ok on baked potatoes (but not gravy or ketchup).

    Did I mention the phase where I only ate mushroom pizza, but refused to eat mushrooms in any other situation? Yep, food issues, right here.

  7. That mushroom thing sounds like my father and onions- he'd eat onion rings, but not onions... That he *knew* of (bwa ha ha ha ha).

    Honestly, though? Mushrooms? Really? But they smell (and taste) like dirt and strange squishy things, and they cause itching and sneezing and swelling and all sorts of intestinal excitement. Why would anyone *ever* want to eat them? I suspect I may be unfairly biased against them, but still- have you seen what they grow on? Or better, smelled it? Fermenting *beer* smells better....

  8. I just went to check my cheese package and it says "Contains no animal rennet". So, yay! for that. (I must say I'm relieved, since the thought of the other stuff really grosses me out.) The other reason I've been buying that stuff is that in my small town we have few grocery shopping options, so I shop at the stupid big box chain and the Cabot is cheaper than their store brand.

  9. That happened a lot in WY with the 2lb blocks of tillamook. I'd buy that for like $6 or 8, RM would buy 1.5 or 2lb bag of shredded cheese for more. Mine tasted better... Meh. Plus, store brand never goes down as much on sale. Sale cheese tastes of win.