Thursday, November 4, 2010

OBD 3- Just The Snax

Remember yesterday, when I said I had that huge plate of food? It was really really at least 3 plates worth.

I know because it ended up in a pile 4 inches high on the plate.

I snacked on it throughout the day. And then I learned something.

Me and whatever freaky orange "cheese" sauce coloring they used are not friends. I realized this while I was on the phone with my mom, sounding like an ADHD kindergartener on crack. Jumping from topic to topic, butting in, dropping the middles of sentences and forgetting what I was saying.

Stupid artificial colors.

Can't be *all* of them, though- there's artificial orange color in the chips I love so much and *it* doesn't send me bouncing (dejectedly) though the day.

I feel kinda bad for Mom, now, though- Fast talking, distracted, but still depressed sounding daughter can't be what she wanted to listen to before work. Oh well. No more 34 cent mac and cheese for me. Technically it should probably be "no cheese for me" but meh, I'll figure that part out later.

Went to a dance performance with the SF in the evening. Was supposed to be a family thing, but Mom couldn't get out of work and my sister canceled for friend drama. I learned that I am not a modern dance kinda girl. I thought the lighting was interesting, but it was kinda "literary novel set to music". And I *know* I'm not a literary novel kinda girl. More romance, time travel, scifi.

Anyway, when I got home (traffic, ugh) I had a snack and fell asleep. It was nice. Now I have to go pry these contacts out of my eyes.

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