Friday, November 26, 2010

OBD 24 &25- Thanksgiving

So I'm still (a little) sick. And my shiny new medicine makes it feel like my head is floating about 6 inches above my neck. So I didn't really do thanksgiving yesterday.

Instead I slept. and when I woke up i hit the one open store for junk food. So my thanksgiving dinner was mac and cheese, frozen cheap pizza, a bag of (leftover, sale) chips, and some star crunch. Not healthy, but easy and good for nomming between naps.

Obviously if I were a halfway decent human being, I'd have made "real" food for thanksgiving dinner. Or I'd have visited someone who was cooking. But I'm pretty sure anyplace I could have gone is thankful I stayed home.

Wednesday I went to publix. I was craving taco bell, but i decided that the money I would have spent at taco bell would be better spent on a bottle of (cheap) wine. So I bought a bottle of cheap wine. And a head of garlic, and a blob on mozzarella, and a box of pasta, and the bag of chips I finished yesterday, and a zucchini, and something else, but I don't remember what just now. So I'm going to make something yummy with all that (or at least some of it) and take another nap before going to "work".

Where medicine is concerned, I think I prefer "sleep 24 hours straight" to don't eat for a week. Neither is all that great, but at least with sleeping I have more fun. Also, the floaty head thing is enjoyable. or, you know, not...

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