Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 291- Black Bean Salad

Sorry about posting late so much lately. Between shiny new medicine that makes it tough to *get* to sleep but easy to *stay * asleep, and a generally forked schedule, I've pushed this back farther than I wanted to. I'll be back on schedule next week.

Yesterday, though, I nommed black bean salad.

See, the oatmeal (pleh, I know) from the day before was, well, a big bowl of carbs with nice simple sugar carbs mixed in. Great if you're a suicidal diabetic, not so much if you're someone who likes the idea of nice, steady blood sugar. The pizza wasn't much different- white flour, sweet veggies, only a little cheese and oil for a slight protein and fat boost.

So by the time I was ready to eat yesterday morning, I was *really* ready to eat.

Lucky for me I had a couple cups of black beans still ready in the fridge. I think I made this once before. Th only rule is that it has to contain black beans. Yesterday my black bean salad/ salsa had:

  • black beans
  • diced onion
  • 2 tiny cloves diced garlic
  • 1/4 tomato, diced
  • splash vinegar
  • splash oil
  • salt
  • pepper
All mixed up and nommed on leftover chips.

I could seriously live off this stuff. If you make it like I did yesterday, it's even pretty affordable- maybe 20 cents for the beans, 20 to 40 cents for the chips, 10 for the onion, 15 or 20 for the tomato. salt, oil, vinegar are maybe 5 cents together. With chips it's probably *not* in a $1 a day budget, but it's close.

Also, I'm pretty sure those cost guesstimates would make about twice what I did. For another dollar you could add an avocado and make it *really* yummy.

Then, in the late evening (after baking my squash so I can use it later) I mixed up a nice big batch of twisty roll things and some red sauce.

I am really loving having a bottle of wine to flavor stuff with. I used up the last of the Italian seasoning on the twists, and would have only had onion and salt to flavor the sauce, when I realised that i could fry the onion bits really quickly, simmer them in wine, and mix *that* into the sauce while the rolls finished baking. It was totally perfect. Even tasted good.

Hmm, I think i need to cook some more black beans. Wonder if they'd make eatable gnocchi...?


  1. My grocer must have had a desperate need to get rid of some almost too ripe avocados last week, because they were priced 10 for $10. Most were too grody to consider food, but I got 2 that were alright and they were so cheap!

    Now they're back up to 2 for $4. Sad face.

  2. very sad face. Don't worry, though- Pomegranate season is here, and mango season can't be far behind!

  3. I can't put pomegranate in my shrimp tacos, though. Well I could, but I don't think it would be very nummy.

  4. no, but you *can* put mango.

  5. I wish we lived in a climate where we could grow avocados... that must be just sinfully delicious for those people who are able to have one in their backyard (long ago I saw a show about people who won the lottery, most of which had ruined their lives after winning, but one couple was completely unphased by it. They grew avocados on their land, remained living simply and it was an amazing thing to see).

    Mmmm, pomegranates... oh, so delicous (and good for you too).