Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 292- Nuts!

Super-cool amazing reader Tricia sent me nuts. Not like one or two nuts, either, but *pounds*.

Which has to be up there with a bicycle for coolest cold weather gift ever.

Now I need to use them. I've got raw cashews, which I use to make "cream" sauces and stuff like mac and cheese. I've got almond slices, which I use in baked stuff, as fake "milk", and in/ on/ as breakfast. And I've got Walnuts, which obviously go in breakfast and baked goods, and just straight into my tummy as-is.

I opened up the walnuts, too, and they were sooo yummy. I didn't eat the whole bag, but it was tough talking myself out of it.

So expect to see lots of things with nuts in them.

Also, yesterday I had some dollars, so I did a bit of shopping. Picked up half a gallon of (organic, unsweetened) soy milk, a box of (super sale) instant mashed potatoes (lazy), a huuuuge sweet potato (on sale for 19 cents a pound, I intend to go back and get a couple more), and two (cheapo) pizzas.

I ate the pizzas, and my abdomen expanded hugely like a pregnant lady's. Which is not good, since this is the second time it's happened in two days. Day before there was no cheese, so I don't think that's what's causing it. Suspect it might be wheat, out to get me. Which makes me sad.

I *like* wheat. I *like* gluten. I *really* don't want to learn the whole gluten-free thing. I see me doing it anyway, and soon. I look really strange with a huge stuck out abdomen. Plus, the intestinal pyrotechnics are un-fun. Argh.

In the meantime, anyone have any ideas for nuts? Sugar cookies have been calling to me, might as well enjoy, right?


  1. Maybe your stomach is just pissed from off-budget month and all the mac and cheese?

  2. Maybe, but I can't see it being unhappy that I've *stopped* eating mac and cheese. It's been close to a week... Then again, stomachs is tricksy

  3. So happy you have such great ideas of what to do with nuts! I'm happy you like them.

  4. That's an awesome sale on sweet potatoes. And I thought I was getting a great deal at $0.33/lb!

    As for nuts, I mostly eat them raw and as is for snacks. However, if you have small zip lock bags at your disposal, I'd section them off so you don't eat more than you intend to and run out of them too soon.

    And that was very nice of you, Tricia!

  5. Yeah, amazing, right? They're almost all gone now, but I want to go back and get a couple more. I could make *a lot* of sweet potato fries with them at that price. Luckily, white potatoes are running about 40 cents per pound.

    On the nuts, i'm not sure about portioning. Maybe with the walnuts, but the other two can do some cool things in recipes if you use them right, and I've been dying for cupcakes for *months*