Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 298- j.'s Intergalactic Cheat-O-Rama

With the need to be out of the house even more than normal comes the need to eat outside the house more often. The kitchen is a questionable spot most of the day, so food hasn't been leaving the house with me as often as it should. I need to make up some fast stuff (other than nuts) to take with me.

So I've been snacking my way across South Carolina. Not good.

I probably spent enough eating out yesterday to feed me (bare-bones) for a couple weeks. Heck, I bought 2 different hot drinks.

I think this week is pretty much the week of FAIL.

Worst part is, I'm really looking forward to making some tasty mac and not-cheese. Have been for weeks. I even have *all* the stuff to do it.

But it takes time in the kitchen. I could do it over a camping stove, maybe, but I'd still need to grind the "cheese". That takes the hand blender (or a *lot* of time with a hand grinder...) and electricity. Not super available out in the great wide world.

But tomorrow. Srsly.

Now, I'm going to go work on talking my stomach into loving me again, and try to clean up my nano story for the harlequin thing next week. I *hate* writing synops. And I'm bad at them, too.

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