Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 299-Back On The Wagon Again. Again

So yesterday I went overboard with the buy at store, cook and eat right away stuff. I nommed a whole package of (baked) veggie dogs wrapped in cressent roll dough.

I'm still stuffed. I still feel icky.

Starting again, again, I'm back on my budget. Which means no spending for a week or so. I have *plenty* of food.

Sometimes I wish I were a normal impulse shopper, one of those chicks that buys boots or something.

but nope, I'm all about the food shopping.

Oh well. At least I should never starve....


  1. Just be glad you're not like me. I have the trifecta - food, shoes and electronics shopping addiction.

  2. See, that'd be terrible for (what's left of) my budget, but I'd have *such* cool stuff.

  3. Thankfully (?) I don't have the available cash or credit to indulge how I want to. I guess there's a hidden benefit to already being about as far in debt as you can possible get?

  4. Understood. I talk myself out of a little bit of (expensive) good stuff, then cave and buy (cheap) stuff to "tide me over."

    I'd spend less if I just bought the good stuff in the first place, but it feels wrong to spend that much when I can't pay my student loans. Which reminds me, I have to get the forbearance paperwork in. Again.