Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 302- Veggie Win. Sorta

Finally, after 3 packets (1.5 boxes) of instant mashed potatoes, I managed to eat something "real". Something with veggies in it.

Something that turned out strange.

Ah, real cooking, how I'd missed it.

So I went with the pea and potato curry. And it went down-hill from there.

I picked 4 potatoes. 1 was tiny, 1 was huge, 2 were kinda in between. Kinda Goldilocks, actually. We'll call that mistake one. They should have all been middle-sized ones.

Then I used a white onion, which strangely turned out *sweet* after cooking.

So I put my half-nuked, kinda chunked, kinda micro-burned potatoes in my strangely sweet onions, and dumped water and frozen peas over them.

This sounds like a good way to be going with cooking, right? It's actually what I'm supposed to do then, only the potatoes shouldn't be half (or more) raw, and half burned. And the onions should just be normal, not like they'd been dipped in sugar.

So I figured that, if a whole onion was better than half an onion (normally), a whole can on tomato paste would be better than half.

Not so much.

Oh, then I added twice as much curry and half the salt I wanted to.

So now I have a big vat of half-raw, strangely sweet, very tomatoey, spicy, bland curry.

I'm assuming that, like many other things, they'll get better as leftovers in the microwave.

I suspect there's something wrong with that, too...

Actually, I'm starting to wonder if there's maybe sugar in the salt...

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