Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 303- Leftover Magic

I left the curry out, which might have been a mistake, and ate it again yesterday.

Some things really do get better when they sit around. The strangely sweet, super tomatoey, half crispy, half crunchy curry became a magical snack of near total edibility.

Enough so that I ate everything that was left of it- maybe 5 or 6 cups worth- in less than 3 hours. My stomach is still not sure it likes me. Of course, it still thinks I'm starving, so I'll have to come up with something today to stop it.

I'm thinking mac and cheese, with a side of sweet potato fries, maybe. Vegan Mac and Cheese, that is. The cheese-a-thon has gone on long enough.

Thursday (I think) my sister, Mom, Bear, and I'll be doing some cookie baking. Um, actually, hopefully not Bear. He's busy enough as is, and there's only so much shed-dog fur I'm willing to have in my cookies.

Working on other holiday stuff now, and my "move out of creepy-ville" plan. Need to eat some of this food I bought before I can move, though. I don't want to move more food than anything else- it'd look strange, I think.

Anyway, yeah, leftover curry, WIN.

Sorry, kinda random today. Or, rather, *really* random today. Doesn't bode well for the writing I still need to do....

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