Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Off topic again, I know, and off schedule, too.

RM (the one I called the cops on) is definitely smoking in his room. I can deal with it for 5 weeks, I think. I'll just open my window and deal with the cold. Now that the (urk) Snow! is gone it's not *too* cold. Not the best use of heating, but meh, he should have thought about that before smoking in the house. I suspect it's his really annoying way of getting back at me for calling the cops, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

At least now I know all *sorts* of new things to ask potential roommates. Things like:

  • are you a convicted sex offender
  • have you ever smoked actual real crack? regularly?
  • are you a felon? what for?
  • do you smoke? Inside or outdoors?
  • are you able to pour coffee directly into the mug, without spilling over *everything* in the kitchen, too?
  • Same question, only for water into the coffee machine.
  • do you play the same video over and over and over again *really* loud? 
  • do you own (and use) headphones for your computer?
  • do you mind using a chore chart?
  • do you like to walk around the house in your underwear?
  • do you regularly have random strangers over for the night?
  • do you know what a lint trap is, and how to empty it?
Alternately, I could just never have roommates again. I'm pretty sure this list would end that way.Of course, if I'd known the answers to these things before I'd moved in, I never ever would have. 

But now I get to say I spent a year living with a real, live, mostly (sorta) reformed crack-head. Joy.

It'll make a good story someday?


  1. Instead of trying to write fiction, write about your rm, just change the name. If he's really that zonked, he'll never know enough to sue you. My wkend was busy. We had ham in our beans...we are carnivores around here, but thankfully no snow, just way too much sugar (wait, nah, never too much sugar!)

  2. Ah, but I'm out of here in 5 weeks, and where would I find inspiration then?

    No snow? Must be the only place on earth (or just about) without it this weekend. And no, never too much sugar...

  3. The headphones & the video game made me laugh. I found out after we moved in how much time my now husband spent on WoW & DDO & whatever the heck he plays for hours on end. He doesn't know how the washer works, much less the lint trap, but I love him. I do, I really do....

  4. Not even that, tho shouting Vent when he has a headset is annoying too. No. he's been listening to "leather pants"

  5. Oh my. I'm voting no roommates.

  6. But they're so *interesting*