Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 323- Strange Pasta Concoctions

Still no veggies showing up in my diet. RM and RS spent the *entire* weekend plus all day yesterday playing D&D in the living room, with some kind of roast something or other cooking in their crockpot. They're slow-boiling meat in my house. Which is to say that I think it smells gross in the house.

Seriously, who boils meat without at least an onion and half a head of garlic?

Anyway, it smells like cooking shoes, and did all day yesterday, too, which kinda killed off my appetite. It was close to 7 PM before I actually made myself something to eat, and even then it was just something lazy/easy- half a box of pasta with vegan margarine, cajun seasoning, garlic powder and salt.

Which sounds a bit gross, I'm sure, but actually *is* yummy. Or at least easy.

Also, Dad's taking me out to dinner on Friday (I think) and I need to figure out where to go. He's not a big veggie eating kinda guy, I don't eat meat. There's a place downtown that I think might work, but it's pretty spendy. It's also the best (real) restaurant in Charleston that I've found for veggies and vegans. Like, they are actually *welcomed*. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Question for those of you out there who've taken more anatomy/physiology classes than can possibly be healthy- When you look at a steak, do you just see steak, or do you see connective tissue and nerves, and muscle bundles and all that?

j- who spent a little too much time in a warm, dark room with a microscope.


  1. Well, a well butchered steak shouldn't have any veins and nerves. I definitely see connective tissue, but I always did, now I just have a better idea of what it is.

    My overabundance of anatomy comes in handy more when I'm butchering myself - taking apart birds is a lot easier when you understand the anatomy of joints, but that is something any experienced chef who works with poultry would probably figure out.

    Last time I roasted a chicken it was a cheap fryer that didn't have the innards already removed, which means I had to repeatedly stick my hand in there and yank out organs - that was fun. "ooh, that's a kidney. Oh, that's part of a liver. Hey, chicken heart!"

  2. I'd imagine that birds would be more interesting. We got a leg of lamb once that had the whole leg, with a joint. It was fun to play with before cooking.

    I sometimes wonder if people doctors look at people and see "parts" rather than wholes.

    Also, I didn't say a *good* steak.

  3. I made chicken thighs once that were slow-braised so the meat literally was falling off the bone, and aggravated my sister to no end when I insisted we stop in the middle of the meal to appreciate the 'adorable little femora'.