Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 331- I Want Chips!

If I made a list of the things i want to eat, have wanted to eat, since this whole thing started last February, only three or four foods show up every week.


Not even ice cream beats them out. Of course, chips should really have dip, but I don't *always* want dip. I do always want chips though.

Last night, while watching more boys over flowers (almost done with it, just a couple more episodes) I wanted them soooo bad. I would probably have beat up a little kid for a bag of chips and a bottle of soda. Makes me feel like a total junkie.

After all, pizza and pasta *can be* healthy. Chips and soda, though, are pretty much always junk.

But I want them. Can't have them. If I'm a good girl and actually get some real work done this week, I might, maybe, perhaps let myself buy a bag of chips and a couple bottles of soda when I get paid Saturday.

With this shiny new Korean drama habit I seem to be growing, though, it's looking pretty unlikely. Guess i'll just have to turn off the internet for a day, huh? Totally un-fun, but I've got to work some time, right?

Otherwise- I really like black bean salad on tortilla chips. Really I do. But if I have to eat it for three more days straight, I think I'm going to scream and pull my hair out. I swapped out chips and beans for noodles and onions at dinner. I'm still sick of it. Pleh.

Kinda whiny today, huh?

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