Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 332- Accidentally Work Free Day

Yesterday. It was going to be a day of work, and maybe cooking.

Instead I had noodles, leftover bean salad (all gone now) and tea.

And I watched the Vin Diesel Live chat-thing. Fell asleep before (I think) it was totally over, but that was a good 3 hours in. Just a "normal" guy chatting randomly over the internet. Sort of...

Now, today, I *really* need to get some work done. And some cooking. I don't think I can eat noodles and nothing else much longer. Back to oatmeal, I guess. And Saturday, I think, A bag of chips.

Also, *still* watching Boys Over Flowers. I think I put less time into leveling my first WoW toon than it's taking to watch this show.

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