Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 343- Pea Curry and Garlic Twists

Didn't eat beans yesterday. They ended up just not sounding good. So I finished off the frozen peas in a bit of an experiment.

You see, pea and *potato* curry is tasty. All creamy-ish and filling, and just a little spicy. So *pea* curry should be good too, right?

No, not so much, it turns out. without potatoes the sauce doesn't thicken in a creamy way. The curry is just hot, rather than flavorful. The peas get overwhelming, texturally. It's edible, and I ate it, but it's pretty much a failed experiment. I won't be trying pea and *sweet* potato curry anytime soon, either. It just *sounds* gross.

So after my curry fail I decided to go with something I know I can make. Garlic twists. After all, it's just pizza dough, cut into strips, twisted into ropes, and dredged through salt/ oil/ garlic/ ital seasoning. Who could mess that up, right?

Important point: roasted garlic is yummy, slightly sweet, kinda mild, very tasty. *burnt* garlic tastes gross, like ashes and bitter. Just not good. Diced garlic on *food* roasts while baking bread. Diced garlic *on the baking sheet* incinerates, making your house smell like burned garlic, and giving everything in the oven with it a mild odor, as well.

Which is mostly gone now, at least.

Vegetarian cooking- not just a skill- An Adventure! Or, you know, not...

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  1. Just catching up with your posts. Enjoyed the one about Trader Joe's and Big Lots. Love TJ's...our closest one is over an hour away, so we make a trip there about every two or three months. What a treat! Big Lots we got and while they too have an interesting selection, be real careful at looking at the expiration dates on their stuff, esp. nuts. Some of it is so close to expiring that it may as well be expired 'cause it tastes pretty crappy.btdt