Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cancun? Pizza?

I actually woke up too late yesterday to take advantage of the free (er, included) breakfast at the hostel. I was up early enough today, but wow, was I ever busy. I decided to move on. I was just hanging out in the hostel anyway, and if I'm just going to loaf about I might as well do it on a beach, right? So I wandered over to Isla Mujeres (it was an elimination station on amazing race... 17?). Only took me all day to get here.

"Ocean" view

Important lesson- if you go aaaaalll the way to the slower, cheaper ferry, and the price has gone up and you just missed it, don't hang around and wait for the next one. Hop back on the bus and go to the (slightly more expensive, faster) ferry. The extra dollar isn't so bad, 'specially since I managed to spend something like $3 on soda and snacks waiting for the (slow, open) ferry.

Anyway, last night (after being "good" and eating what I already had) I decided to go out. I'm not yet brave enough (or fluent enough) to hunt down the rare vegetarian street food, so I wandered around until I found a pizza place. For 20 pesos each (what I just paid for an icy cold bottle of beer) I got a slice of pizza. Actually, I got two- and a Fanta. I *love* food I don't have to cook myself.

cool building across the street

I also *love* knowing that there are places cheaper than 5* hotels to get food. While I was waiting (um, 3? 4 hours?) for the ferry, sipping on a (bottle of) coke and avoiding the rain, two guys came up to the stand I was loitering at. Not 200 yards from their fancy, spendy hotel, is this tiny little stand. With tacos (looked like pork, but what do I know), something else, and soda. I felt good for a moment. I think they spoke less spanish than I do.

Anyway, they wander up, wonder what there is, I talked them into two tacos each (easier for everyone, right?), and they got them. Small, taco sized tortillas, a good scoop of meat on each, diced red onion and some tomato, and a good slice of avocado on each. I think she said they were 2/10pesos, but I really wasn't paying attention. Like I said, I wasn't eating
sunset over cancun
them, and while it's bad in general to not stop people from over paying, if I gotta do it, they do too. So they
got the tacos, 2 each, paid (I'm pretty sure) twice the price she quoted them, and tried to kill themselves with hotsauce.

They eventually wandered off with their (only slightly spicy, thanks to the lady at the stand) tacos, happy to have found such totally cheap food.

40 minutes later they were back with their dad and more money.

lonely (but happy) roof dog next door

Sometimes I think life would be so much easier if I just ate meat. Then I realize that I *really* don't want to, however good it smells.

Only thing that really sucked today was spending $8 each for (cheap) sunblock and contact lens solution.

Heck, I even enjoyed the rain when I woke up, and the nightclub that was still going strong at 8am, and the downpour that attacked me while waiting for the ferry.

Wish you were here?

oh, yeah- roof dog may *look* scary, but he'd bark a happy kinda "I don't think you should come over here, but if you want to throw me some food, that'd be cool" bark while wagging his tail about a mile a minute.

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