Monday, February 28, 2011

Wrap Up Part 2- Recipes and Weight

Weight first-

I started at about 136, which is right about where I should be. Dropped down (thank you nasty medicine) to about 120. Switched to a different medicine, which turned me into even more of a carb-disposal machine, so I gained it all back (give or take a pound) in about three weeks. Switched medicine *again* and settled back around 130.

So over all I've dropped about 6 pounds. With all the up-and-downing, though, I ended up losing muscle and gaining fat. I'm not planning on losing anymore weight (few women do while traveling), and I don't intend trying to gain any more weight either (tho most women do). I will probably get thinner as I travel, just because that's what happens when you walk everywhere with 20 or 30 pounds of stuff on your back, but it's not something I'm going to work at.

Without all the medicine stuff messing with my weight, I probably would be about where I am now. Which is probably because I supplemented my diet with piles of chips. Which I really don't suggest, actually...


Let me see, I didn't really cook much exciting food (I don't think) and some of them are more expensive then they maybe should be. But here goes, anyway:

Pizza Dough (don't use the filling recipe here- or at least not with nut. yeast "cheese")
Fried Rice
Vegan "pork" Pot Stickers (if these were less work/ cheaper I'd eat them every day)
Fried Spring Rolls (including wrapper recipe)
Gnocchi (Sweet Potato)
Random Kitchen Chili
Onion Bhaji (kinda)
Black Bean Dip and the Tofu Frying Primer
Oven Fries
Samosa Mashed Potatoes (or samosa filling)
Vegan Calzone w/ "roasted" veggies
Black Bean Soup (halfway down the page)
Emergency Home-made Almond Milk (under "cupcakes")
Mayo-Free Coleslaw

That's not everything, but it's a good selection, and almost all of them are things I really liked. Some have other recipes that I maybe like a little less on the same page, but these are ones (junky, I admit) that I could probably live off of forever.

Now, though, I have to go to the beach and "work".


  1. I was just wondering why you are in Mexico right now? Are you looking for a job there? Is this a trip you planned before you knew you weren't going to have any money? Were you given plane tickets? Did you decide that while you waited for your next apartment and were living out of motel rooms that you might as well have cheap motel rooms someplace interesting.

    I ask this from a motel room in Colorado, and I had never been to Colorado, and my husband had to work here for the one day, so I thought I'd tag along.

  2. I'm not looking for a job right now. I can do enough writing (even with all my goofing off this last week) to live semi-comfortably (er, not expat comfortable, Local comfortable) and I'm not stuck in any one spot. I will probably pick up the odd job here and there. When my Spanish gets better (I can order beer...) I plan to try for some (free) volunteer stuff, with housing included.

    Dad gave me the tickets, actually, from his miles. And I'm staying in cheap hostel dorms- cheaper than a private room, and you meet more people. Staying at the hotel those last couple weekends I don't think I talked to anyone the entire time. Here there's always someone to eat or drink or chat or just sit with. *Much* better than a hotel.