Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 356- 9 Days To Go

Technically, though I've pretty much totally given up at this point. Yesterday is a great example of that, actually.

In an attempt to "keep the peace" it is better that I only use *my* cooking implements. Or I suppose it'd be better to say *not use hers*. Kinda tricky, since all mine are in the car and don't include basics like a knife, fork, or mixing bowl, but I can work around that.

Yesterday I reheated my veggies on the aluminum foil I brought them on, with some veggie meatballs scattered around them. I then put them on a (stylin' and oh so eco-friendly) paper plate and ate them with a snazzy plastic fork from a take-out place.

For dinner I said "fork this" and bought a bag of chips. Not healthy, but a heck of a lot easier than trying to use a kitchen without ever once actually *using* the kitchen. I think this week I may have to cook up a bunch of stuff at mom's that I can just reheat in the microwave here. This whole eating chips because I'm not comfortable in the kitchen thing is ridiculous, but I don't think *she* is going to turn into little Mary Sunshine anytime soon.

At least a batch of beans and one of rice is easy to do. I'll just toss them in my magic gallon ziplock baggies.

So, Mexico... Is it cheating to run away to a place where *a lot* of people eat for about a dollar a day? Time to go drink mimosas with Dad. There are good points and bad points with everything I guess.

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