Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 358- Bear

As promised, though they may be the last photos of Bear for a while- He dropped the camera in the sand after one of these and it's not focusing quite right...

Bear sniffing a post. These were actually handrails a couple years ago, on a ramp down to the beach. Now they are a great place to sniff.

Bear "close to" the water, thinking about dragging mom into the ocean.

A super cool nifty smelling shell temporarily distracted him from his pull. And from the water.

Then it was time to drag the mommy into the ocean. The water was nice and cold and he wanted to share. And swim deeper. (he actually *is* on a leash here, ya just can't see it)

About two seconds later the camera landed in the sand. Better sand then water, though, right?


  1. Bear is adorable! It sounds like you may need a plastic camera cover or something for outdoor adventures with Bear, or at least a heavy duty camera strap.

  2. rachael- yep, I think a cover would be a good idea. Or, you kow, using the strap. But the cover would be good too.