Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's ALIVE!!!111one

Hostel BBQ Dinner
It's been a crazy week here- windy and cold (er, 70?), with some rain even. I've spent most of it bundled up under my (1) blanket here at the hostel on the mystery island. In bed, actually, where there is no wifi reception.

And I totally admit to having no food photos either.

Not because I don't like taking photos, though it's really not my *most favoritest* thing to do.

Mostly because I don't like having to remember to fetch my camera from the locker, keep it in my pocket, not crunch or drench it while cooking, and only *then* snap pics of what I'm eating.
Mango, the (8 month old) hostel dog

Also, I'm not so big on the going through the photos, picking out the ones that should ever see the light of day, and deleting the rest.
Iguanas, Hangin' Out

I've been eating lazy food, anyway. I've fallen into a rut. I have quesadillas with black beans and queso Oaxaca (when the entire island isn't out of it), potato-cabbage taco-things, black bean "chili" in tortillas, on rice, mixed with pasta. I nom pasta with veggies and tomato sauce.

Yeah, I think that's everything. There's other stuff to eat here, I just don't eat it. Heck, even if I ate animals I'm pretty sure I'd steer clear of lobster pizza. I just don't see how it could turn out good, ya know?

Part of a (hopefully) dead horse(?). Part of a scapula or pelvis, I think. There were other "horse parts" scattered around.
Old, weathered bone really only *kinda* looks like wood.
I actually realized earlier today (while making pasta for breakfast...) that I haven't made stir-fry. And one of the other people here (going home) even left me their tiny bottle of soy sauce.

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