Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here in San Pedro, where you can get fries for any price between 3 and 30Q ($0.40-$4 +/-) many things are expensive or tough to get. I pay 5Q--about 65 cents--once or twice a week for yummy choco chip cookies. The same price will get me a little lunch-box-sized tetra-pac of chocolate soy milk.

Or for 12Q (17 w/ ice cream) I can get a fudgy brownie. I heart this brownie.

I get them at Buddha Bar, which is open most nights, and shows movies a couple times a week upstairs, in a dining room that's somewhere between a lounge and a harem. Along the walls are benches with deep cushions, just right for reclining on. There are big pillows, and some low-slung tables. There are tables high enough to sit at with chairs (of which there are about 3) or on the wall benches, or on the big coffee-table-shaped backless chairs (covered in yet more huge comfy pillows). There are soft drapey shades over the lamps, and paper mache shades around the candles.

And dogs. There are dogs. The windows are smooth curves built into the masonry walls, and the centers swing out to catch the breeze during the day. LED fairy-lights wrap around the outside wall, and everyone is hanging out with their shoes off.

But the only thing that matters is the brownie.

Oh, and the fresh, homemade curry-hummus and chapatis.

Photo tomorrow. Maybe of the hummus, too.

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