Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tourist Food In Guatemala (pics)

As promised, though a bit late, food from yesterday, with bonus "cheap" quesadilla. I got two of the quesadillas, which ended up costing the same as the sammich (only no tip), and being about as filling. If I ate meat, I could have stuffed myself on 6 tacos for less money. Stupid cheap meat. Probably actually dog, anyway.

Anyway, sammich--

It was pretty yummy, and the view of the lake wasn't bad, either.


Yay, food! Also, they've been doing some cool cooking here. I'll try to find out what's *actually* in the tamales they were making last week. I know there's rice, mashed potato, and chicken or beef in sauce all wrapped up in a banana leaf. But I don't know what's in the sauce. Or what was in the 4th pot....


  1. Does everything come in a plastic bag? I saw a show on the Travel Channel where they sold people water in plastic bags on buses

    The greenie weenie in me screams but otherwise I find it unique and interesting.

  2. Oh yeah, the sandwich looks freaking awesome and so does the slaw(?). Creamy.

  3. For take-away, yeah. Bags are cheap, cups are expensive. They were selling mostly-frozen coconut water on the buses in Xela in plastic bags. But they also sell most (regular) soda in glass bottles that you can't leave with. In a country where the average daily wage is about $7, 10 cents for a bag of water, tamarindo, or w/e, or 75 cents (or more) for a bottle? I'm going with the bag every time.

    Really, the plastic bags are less wasteful than cups or bottles. There's even a place here that'll refill plastic water bottles for about half the cost of a new one. They're trying to keep the empties out of the lake. Dunno how well it's working, though.

    And the sandwich *was* freaking awesome. The slaw was in desperate need of vinegar, but no complaints.