Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pub Food

There's a place down by one of the docks called Alegre Pub. They have food, cheap booze (sometimes), movies, and wifi. When the wifi at the hostel went out (again) I headed down there for lunch. Had to go get more cash from the magic money machine, anyway.

For 24Q I got a (rather sad) panini-style grilled cheese (with tomato and onion) and a scoop of coleslaw.

But to make the whole thing worth it, not only did the internet work, they had mustard. No one here has mustard. Sure, it was that crappy yellow french's stuff (crazy expensive down here), but still, it was there. And I put it on my sammich.

Then, on the way out the door, I got to hear all about this evening's happy hour special. Rum and coke for 4Q. Which is somewhere between 50 and 60 cents. Guess where I'm spending a couple hours this evening? Yep, that's right--at that bar.

Before then (in the next 3 hours or so) I need to finish up at least $20 worth of work, shower, and find a shirt that doesn't smell like I've been wearing it for a week. Oh, and digest that lunch a bit. White bread, cheese, and cabbage takes some serious work to digest, I'm slowly learning.

Photo of sammich tomorrow, promise.

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