Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food For A Week: San Pedro, Day 3

Before I move on to what I ate today, I need to add some stuff to yesterday. You see, around midnight (um, 2 hours after everything in town closes) I was *starving*. Like, really freaking hungry. So I dug around in my bag and located :

Some hard-ish candy and
2 packets of ketchup.

Not the tastiest snack ever, and not eaten together, but it worked, made my stomach shut up and that was all I really wanted right then.

Now, today I had:

Toast (with jelly and butter (I think it was butter, anyway)
Creamy potato and onion soup with oodles of cheese this time
1/2 an over-priced bottle of soda.

I really need a kitchen. And vegetables.

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