Thursday, August 11, 2011

Food For A Week: San Pedro, Day 4

Today is a sad food day. I was working pretty much flat-out this afternoon, trying to get some big jobs done. One needed to be finished by 10pm (so I can be paid and have money tomorrow), the other had a deadline of 8:30.

When I woke up this morning (erm, afternoon, actually), I had planned two good meals before everything closed down for the night.

Didn't happen. I managed my healthy breakfast of two big chocolate chip cookies, managed to drink the other half of the bottle of Coke. But I didn't finish the work before the restaurants close. The one that's still open, well, I might still be waiting on my food when they shut down the bar and kick everyone out at 1am.

Tomorrow, though, I gots food plans. They involve pizza, and maybe a brownie. And yeah, probably some more cookies. They make for a healthy breakfast, right? Can't be worse than cereal.

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