Thursday, September 22, 2011

The All-Singing All-Dancing Food Extravaganza Day... Wednesday

This "eat until you can't stuff anything else in your face" thing is getting old fast. Because of the huge amounts I'm scarfing down (remember, most of my food is high bulk for high calories) I have a distended abdomen. Not as bad as those "feed the spawnlings" pictures. No, more "after a hard night chugging beer/scarfing pizza", which also looks (to me, anyway) like a pregnant lady gut.

Not on my personal list of preferred looks, but whatever. The whole force-feeding thing is going to last maybe two more days before I just go back to eating when I'm hungry. Eating when you aren't hungry, and to the point where you feel so stuffed you physically ache isn't good for you, ya know.

Yesterday I cooked up 2/3C of dry rice, added 1 onion (fried in oil, lots of oil), some garlic, a couple tomatoes, and something like 2 slices of cheese. Oh, and a cup +/- of black beans. Wanted to add Avocado, but it was frozen solid. Don't ask.

Then I made up a vat of fried potatoes with more onion, oil, garlic and a packet of curry powder. And the previously frozen half an avocado for extra yum/ calories.

Then, at about midnight, I made a sammich with the other half of the bread. Melted the last couple tablespoons of butter into it (tastes kinda like Texas Toast, you know, all sweet and odd and stuff), spread it with mustard, covered it in the other avocado, sliced a lot, about 1/3 of an onion, the last piece of sliced cheese, salt, pepper, and juice from part of a lime. "snacked" my way through it for dinner.

Oh, and three cans of Diet Pepsi, about half a liter of water, and that's it.

Good news is, I'm pretty sure I've already gained some weight.

Bad news is, I'm pretty sure it's all in my intestines, and once I stop doing the forced locust impersonation it'll all go away again. Oh well.

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