Thursday, September 22, 2011

And Today I choked down...

2 choco-almond muffins (~250 cal)
2 regular muffins(~150 cal)
250g pasta (dry weight, about 9oz) with
Oil, tomato, onion, garlic, salt, and 4 slices/about 2oz of cheese (~1400 cal total)
3 cans diet pepsi.
Medium bag of chips (~480)

I am now so stuffed I don't think I could eat another thing. For those wondering, the pasta fills two good sized bowls.

For an approximate daily total of 2280 calories. Which is about 700 less than I was trying for, but I think if I stuff one more thing in my mouth I'll explode.

This is much easier with coconut milk based ice cream at 2000 calories a pint. I want my chips and dip.

Ok, to be totally honest, I want to be able to fuel my body like you fuel a car. Just fill it up and go. The whole cooking, eating, digesting, cleaning up, rolling around stuffed thing is no fun at all. Plus, the stuff I'm eating is boring. Pleh.

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