Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Re-Feeding Effort

Finally managed to get a coin and a coin-operated scale in the same place at the same time on Sunday.

The results are.. not pretty. Since February I've gone from about 136, give or take to a bit under 120. If I were 5'4 that wouldn't be so bad. If I'd lost fat instead of muscle, still not so bad.

Instead, the only fat I seem to have lost is the fat where my boobs should be, which is how the world works, I guess. And so I'm about the same, mostly-boy shape I was in high school. And most of college. Which means I need to do two things.

  1. Regain a butt-ton of weight
  2. Do some forking exercise so it isn't all fat.
I started Sunday with the eating thing.

See, there's a reason I make potato chips a major part of my diet when I'm at home. They're easy, they're kinda cheap, they're a great chip-dip delivery system, and they're super calorie dense.

If they weren't also super expensive, they'd be part of my diet here, too. Instead, I need to find a different selection of calorie dense foods.

Which brings me to my problem. Nuts are calorie dense. So are avocados. And Cheese, butter, oil. For omnis, meat is packed with calories.

They're also all foods that cost more per pound. Potatoes are 20-80 cents per pound. Flour (even here where it's a "luxury") runs less than a dollar a pound. Same with onions, carrots, squash, pasta, rice, and (dry) beans.

To add calorie-dense foods to my diet means increasing my budget. But it also means my stomach can physically hold more calories. So I stocked up with some stuff that's sure to make me sick (mozzarella, american cheese, real butter) and started a heavy-duty re-feeding effort Sunday.

And can I just say... I'd forgotten how gross butter smells when it cooks. I hope it's gone off, but I don't think it did. It smells like... well, like gross. I think when I finish this stick (that cost more than a dollar, yes, really.) I'll switch to the fake stuff they use here. It can't possibly smell as bad. Right?

Anyway, I started Sunday with a bagel and cream cheese. You might have seen that. It was yummy. They put actual chunks of garlic in the garlic bagel. I should have picked up half a dozen. I still might.

Then I followed that with a trip to the bakery where I grabbed a choco muffin, a choco-almond muffin, and three torpedo rolls. Oh, and the first diet pepsi of the day.

Then I re-heated about a cup of black beans, fried up some onions in oil, and had yummy beans (with two slices of left over american cheese) scooped up with one of the rolls. Then off to the store for some more food.

Half a bag of Doritos and two rolls worth of open-faced grilled cheese/ veggie sammiches followed. With both fried and raw onion, mozz. cheese, american cheese, salt, pepper, fresh lime juice, butter, sliced tomato and mustard. I nommed them all with another soda.

And that was Sunday. Woke up Monday still full. Melted about 6 slices of cheese over the other half of the bag of Doritos. Tasty breakfast with a can of soda. Then another soda a couple hours later when I nommed my way through a 250g bag of pasta, 5 slices of cheese (both types), a tablespoon +/- of butter, some oil, salt, tomato... then a final soda to fill out the evening.

I'm a bit peckish right now, but it's forking late. Additional food will just have to wait.

Unfortunately, I doubt it's going to make much difference. There's only so much that I can fit into my stomach, and only so much time in a day I'm willing to spend cooking/eating/cleaning up/loafing about like a fat tick(dog, etc).

But for now, I'm making an attempt. I just don't know how long I can choke down that much cheese/grease. Srsly, it's kinda really gross. Guess I'll have to watch out for ripe avocados and fresh nuts. 

And make more trips to that bakery, too. at 12 cents each +/- the rolls are a pretty good buy.

Just... Don't ask how much I spent on food Sunday. Cheese and butter drove the price up to a crazy point and I'm trying not to think about it.

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