Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vegan MoFo 2012

I don't know how many people are still reading here. Or if anyone is still reading here. I've been a total blog-slacker.

October is the "Vegan Month of Food", which means yummy vegan food all over the internets. I think this year I'll try to play. Most food will show up the day after (internet at mi casa is... sketchy at best).

There won't be much fancy stuff--it simply isn't available here. Mostly beans and rice and corn and veggies, with maybe a bit of fun imported food thrown in to make life exciting. But that just means it'll be cheap for me, and cheap (ish) for those of you playing at home to try and make.

Because I'm still all about the cheap food, even if I *do* eat out just about once a day....

Anyone else playing?


  1. Welcome Back!

    I don't think we will play vegan but maybe we can try to be more vegaterian for the month of October.

  2. I can't participate but I'll follow along as you do!

    Welcome back.

  3. I don't know how much participating I'll be doing. It's been months since I've had to cook, and my kitchen is... shocking in its' simplicity.