Monday, September 26, 2011

Weight Gain Fail

After stuffing myself for a week straight, I figured I would have gained something.

And if I were willing to ignore the bit where last time I was in flip flops (total weight maybe 8oz) and this time in "real" shoes at over a pound each, I totally gained.

Except... 125.7 really isn't a gain over 124.3 when I take off the extra 1.5lbs.

I think I need to add more avocados to my diet. It might just be time to hit the market. I've got q8 for stuff, I can totally stuff my face.

Cheese is sliding slowly off the list of things I want to eat. I'm getting sick of it. I might have to start buying nuts. they're pretty calorie dense and they taste good, too. I foresee a sudden doubling of my food budget. And only part of that will end up going to soda.



  1. I think nuts and avocados would definitely help. Or... drink oil? Yeah, that sounds gross. hahaha. But sheesh, 14 grams of fat in one tablespoon is nothing to sneeze at.

  2. I don't think I could drink oil. I really don't care enough to do it. I mean, the stuff tastes gross by itself.

    I may hit the Italian/Indian place and see what kind of crazy, calorie-packed thing they can stuff me with.

    And pick up a couple bags of nuts at the grocery store today, too. Forget 14g of fat per tbsp, some nuts have close to 400 calories per *quarter cup*.

    I suspect I'll be slurping down coconut-yogurt smoothies at 500 calories a glass when I'm home. At least they're tasty, right?

  3. It absolutely tastes gross, haha. 'Twas a joke.

    Nuts are the way to go. Cashews have tons of calories and fat.

    The smoothies sound awesome yes and absolutely fattening. It amazes me how much cal/fat are in coconut. Hey, can you get coconut flakes down there?

  4. Why would I want coconut flakes? I can get whole young coconuts. The flesh is still soft and yummy, and slide right out of the shell. Once you open it up.

    They *grow* macadamias down here, so I might end up with those, I'll see what hits the happy price/flavor point best.

    True story, When I was a kid, I used to eat sticks of butter or margarine. Straight. Still was under 25th percentile for weight.

  5. I'll admit to total stupid moment. Did not think about *real* coconuts because they obviously do not grow in Eastern Kentucky.

    Does j. have worms? A parasite of some sort? ha! Seriously though, I can imagine how frustrating it is. I had a neighbor who could not gain weight. The doctor pumped her full of crazy stuff, steriods(!) at one point, protein powder, Ensure and all sorts of ick. Poor kid.