Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 84- The Dog Wants Bread

Yesterday I made a big (3.5 Cups flour, 1C water) batch of dough. I added some spices, kneeded it, and made it into tasty twists with some onion and spices on top. It turned into about a dozen good sized rolls, covered in now-roasted chopped onion and herbs. Super yummy dipped in sauce.

Unfortunately, I forgot that the only thing the dog likes more than chicken is bread. When I was down to about three rolls, I left the room for a minute. The rolls were on a plate on the back of the couch, the sauce in a bowl on the coffee table. Moments later I hear doggy chewing/ licking noises.

I''m still not sure if he hit the sauce too, or just the bread, but it was almost two hours after a sharp "Bear, NO!" that he'd even look at me again. But I've still got half a cup or so of sauce left(it was safe in the fridge), and two rolls. I'll probably make the veggie pizza today for lunch, after finishing up the rolls for breakfast.

The dog, of course, will now eat nothing that doesn't come from the refrigerator. I hid his treats in there, and tried burying one at the bottom of his food bowl. He ate *just enough* to get to the treat, and won't touch it again. He is a silly dog, but he's cute, so they're keeping him. Oh well.


  1. in MY house, the dog pretty much wants ANYTHING that the alpha (me) is eating. bread, pizza crust, soup broth, carrots, lettuce, potato chips... anything.

    Bear IS adorable though. And doesn't it break your heart when they do the submissive crouch I'm sorry thing and won't look at you?

  2. Oh, he'll beg, he just prefers chicken and bread. Worst part with the "I'm so abused" look is that he's a rescue, and i always wonder what he's remembering when he bows away like that....

  3. Is he okay after eating the onions? Consumption of onions can cause respiratory problems in dogs so I thought I'd check.

  4. yep, he's ok- there was less than 1/4C to begin with, spread among a dozen rolls, so he didn't get much.