Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 168- Reminding Myself Why I Don't Eat Cheese

So there are people who don't eat foods (veggies and people with religious restrictions), people who can't eat foods (serious food allergy types), and people who shouldn't eat foods (me, ADHD kids who're set off by food, people with food-triggered migraines, etc).

The first two groups have it (mostly) pretty easy. If you don't eat something because of a firmly held belief, just about nothing can make you. And if eating something can kill you, you're probably not going to risk it past, like, age 10. Every accidental bit of mushroom pushes me closer to an emergency room visit, so I avoid them at all costs (and they taste gross, but....).

But when you just *shouldn't* eat something? It's really really easy to convince yourself that you're over-reacting. ADHD kids don't get that much worse when you give them sugar and gluten and artificial food coloring, really. Soy doesn't make my last RM's migraines any worse, she's just imagining it. And dairy doesn't really make me want to just cut my abdomen open, dump my guts out on the floor, and die.

I (and a lot of people with similar problems) seem to need reminding, periodically, why I don't eat dairy any more. Yesterday was one of those days. I bought 2 very cheap cheese pizzas and scarfed them down in about an hour- both of them.

An hour later, I wished I was dead. If you think of an abdomen as a huge purse, it was like someone was slashing the lining with a dull razor blade and stabbing the stuff inside with really big knitting needles. And the bad cramps feeling. If giving birth hurts worse than that, I'm glad I've decided never to do it.

Kinda funny, actually- my knees hurt worse than that most days, and I just block it out. It happens most days, after all, and if I paid attention to it I'd never get anything done. But my tummy rarely hurts, so when it does I feel so much worse. Strangeness.

After taking a couple (like 10) hours to recover, I made some fried rice. I don't think I used enough veggies this time. There aren't veggies in *every single bit* of rice, and I used much less cabbage than I normally would. I like cabbage, actually. It's cheap, healthy, and it adds serious bulk to the food. It's worth pretty much nothing for calorie counts, but it's full of vitamins, which is a nice thing to have in a cheap veggie. I also used one of the zucchini I bought Friday, the last of the carrots, half an onion, and a bit of fresh garlic. I think fried rice has got to be one of the easiest things in my kitchen that I eat- and once the rice is cooked, it all goes in one pot, so it's easy to store, too- if I ever have any left.

Hopefully this time I remember for more than a couple weeks- Dairy= evil pain.


  1. I shouldn't eat dairy either. But I love it so much I just accept the pain as an unfortunate downside of the heavenliness of cheese.

  2. Yeah, but it hurts *so much* that after slipping I don't want it again for months, however yummy it may be. No level of tastiness is worth edward scissorhands loose in my belly. I just seem to need to remind myself of that every couple of months.

  3. That'd be too easy. Plus, it only works *sometimes*.

  4. Ah, makes sense. I get a lot of pain and gas, but I just ignore it. I eat cheese often enough that I try not to notice it when it happens. I think if I only ate it on rare occasions I think it might kill me.