Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 243- Lazy, Sleepy, Itchy Day

Yesterday morning I didn't get much sleep, so when I got back from my "go out and do stuff" stuff around noon, I had just about enough energy to chat with Mom on the phone before taking a nap. A long, long nap.

When I finally woke up I was like "ZOMG, I has to eat and stare at this blank screen pretending to work!!!"

So I called my mommy again instead.

I did eventually make some food. I still need to scour the crock pot, so no beans. I did remember something important, though.

I still have those fast cooking, tasty, super easy noodles from the Asian supermarket. Not all of them, but a good chunk of the box.

So I cleaned out a pot and boiled some noodles, then attacked them with enough soy sauce to kill an elephant, a bit of garlic powder, and some tasty oil (for slip and calories), dragged the bowl back to my lair, and nommed them.

I need to do that again, only I want to remember to add the powdered ginger first next time- makes the noodles taste more like ramen.

Because i slept pretty much all day, I had plenty of stay awake all night going. So around midnight I made more food.

Did I tell you that I bought a sweet potato? It was all of 45 cents, and well over 1/2lb. It was about the size of one of those large baked potatoes you get at a steakhouse, or something. Just huge. So small for a sweet potato.

I turned it into oven fries, which were yummy, and ate them dipped in my only remaining non-soy sauce.

Yep, I dipped sweet potato fries in Sweet Chili Sauce. It was *sooo goood* that I'm now trying to figure out what other things I could make (with what I've got in the house) to dip into the sauce and nom.

What do you think about black beans with onions, wrapped in thin pastry/ spring roll wrapper, fried then dipped in Sweet Chili Sauce? I think it's got possibilities. I mean, I'd rather have salsa, cheesey stuff, sour supreme, and a vat of guac, but ya can't have everything, right?

Not trying the sweet chili sauce with lentils, tho- I don't think *anything* could make brown or green lentils taste good. Pleh.


  1. I really, really like black beans in spring rolls. Never fried them, though.

  2. These are spring rolls in the chinese-food sense, not the thai food sense.

    Think egg rolls with veggies in egg-free wrappers. Not rice paper rolls with rice noodles, bean sprouts, mint, etc

  3. Oh! Well, in that case I have no idea if black beans are good in them, though I can't possibly see why they wouldn't be.

    You know what IS good in them, though? Shredded taro root. Can you get that cheaply at your Asian market? I think it's got a lot of nutritional value (and it makes for really freaking delicious tapioca pearl drinks too).

    Wow I really want some spring/egg rolls now. I only have spring/summer roll wrappers though.

  4. ... you can get spring rolls (veggie) or egg rolls (chicken) at panda express. You don't even have to cook them yourself. You got one at your mall?

  5. Oh, I forgot about that. There's one not too far from me. Their spring rolls are amazing, though I've never tried the meat rolls. Yum.