Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 330- Geek TV

Turns out that flurries count as a blizzard down here. Everything in all of Charleston seems to have been closed yesterday. Wimps.

Anyway, that meant that my 2 hours of appointments were cancelled. And while I might rather have known they were canceled before I wasted a gallon of gas trying to get to them, it turned out pretty good.

You see, I used the money I was going to spend at my appointments (all $4 of it) to pick up a bag of tortilla chips and a tomato. Once I got the cashier to weigh the tomato without the chips on the scale things went much better. (quote: "guess I would have noticed that if I ate tomatoes." Since when do you need to eat tomatoes to know that anything *on the scale* gets weighted... grrr) Then I made black bean salad (black beans, tomato, 1/4 onion, avocado, oil, vinegar, salt) and watched bad TV all day.

Ok, actually I started the night before, but close enough, right?

Anyway, I was watching Boys Before Flowers (IMDB, Amazon), which is a South Korean adaptation of a Japanese Manga. And while live action is no substitute for the real thing (hello LA sailor moon), it has *real live* attractive boys. Some of them are even old enough that I don't feel letchy looking at them. Most of them are 20-25 though.

Still, better than thinking "gee, if that were a real guy (you know, not animated...), and he were old enough to drink in this country, I'd totally kidnap him and use him for his body." Which is just a little weird, right?

Best part is, I've got a friend over in S. Korea teaching English. She told me that next I should watch You're Beautiful. I guess all the teenage girls over there went crazy for it. Ooh, found it on Hulu, even. Win!

Wait, what? I'm supposed to work? That's just crazy talk.

Public geeking is over. Move along.


  1. Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers is awesome!
    Nothing like Geekiness break time. I should check Hulu at some point.

  2. I hadn't tried the Korean dramas/ adaptations before. I just stuck to the "real thing". They're kinda fun, actually.

  3. Have you made snow ice cream yet? Talk about cheap!

  4. Not enough snow for it. "snow" here doesn't even stick. Pretty sure I'd need at least enough for a decent snowball...