Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 333- Sleepy

I slept almost all of yesterday. I don't know if it's a nutritional thing, a getting sick thing, or just a sleepy thing. But I slept pretty much all day. Crazy, right?

Anyway, when I was awake I nommed some more noodles (which aren't going to last long at this rate, I think I only have three or four bundles left) then mixed up some "cheese" sauce using cashew bits and spices. Turned out ok, eaten with chips. Kind of like a bland swiss cheese. With a grainy texture. Ok, maybe it wasn't perfect, but it was good enough, filling, and full of tasty nutrition. 'Specially since I gave it a shot of the magic nutritional yeast.

Meanwhile, I have to start getting my stuff ready to move- I'm out of here on the 30th, and that's only about 2 weeks from now. I've done nothing really about moving yet except eat down my already tiny pantry. After i take care of getting rid of my soda bottle collection (finally found out where the recycling is in this blasted town) I need to wash and dry and dry and dry and bag everything I own that can be washed, then get it into my car before it has a chance to pick up any new bedbugs.

In there somewhere I also need to cook, and eat, and post, and write for dollars. It's going to be a remarkably busy couple weeks. If, you know, I actually stop watching tv shows and napping long enough to get anything done.

I think oatmeal will make a return today. With apple juice and cinnamon and almonds and stuff. Actually, that sounds good....


  1. Do you only eat once a day? That could be adding to the tiredness.

  2. I tend to cook one big meal, then graze on it all day. So I'll make like a pound of pasta with whatever sauce, then munch it over 12 hours or so.

  3. Thats a good idea. I like it. Thanks!