Sunday, November 7, 2010


Who'd think that most of a year without *any* chocolate, and several years without that plasticy stuff by Hershey's would turn me into such a ravening chocolate monster.

I was planning, yesterday, to be a good girl and buy something healthy and reasonable for a dollar. Instead I went to Save A Lot and bought another pizza and a Hershey bar. Both of which I then ate. Over about two hours while chatting with my sister on the phone.

Sorry, T... Didn't mean to make you listen to my naughty eating noises. If you now have the audio track for a adult film, would you please erase it?

so... yeah... I ate chocolate. And pizza. And I think I had something else, too. Don't remember what, though.

And my intestines are punishing me for the dairy, and my bank balance is punishing me for the spending, and all is well with the world.

Well, not quite. Somehow I live in the house of the expanding population. No one is reproducing, but much like the gas in my car, there are *always* more people here than I think should be. I *know* there are more than my lease says there should be.

And yesterday, as I was napping, I think RM#1 said he's renting out the garage. Which makes me wonder 3 things:

  • How much is my rent going down by,
  • When do I get the refund for this month, and
  • Why wasn't I consulted before this was decided?
Now, I'm sure the whole "share house with another person" thing wouldn't throw me off quite as much if I wasn't already sharing one bathroom with two other people. The second bathroom here in my rat-shack, slum-wreck rental abode is the "master" bath, and RM#1- the son of the slum, er, landlord- has that one to himself. 

Or, you know, if they'd informed me of it more than 24 hours before this person is moving in.

Oh, if only I had $2000 in the bank and could take off for Mexico now.

ETA: Make that *5* other people... I've stayed at hostels with higher personal space allowance.....


  1. I hope that new person knows that there's bed bugs in the place (I'm guessing the slu-... *cough/hack*... I mean landlord hasn't fixed that issue yet). That in itself should be under some sort of law, or reportable. Or, reimbursement for all the things that you lost because of it, ruined, etc.

    But renting out the garage to someone... makes me wonder. Especially if that was like a common room for everyone.

  2. Garage is shared storage space and also houses the "laundry" facilities. It's unheated and technically can't be used as housing...

    But don't worry! The new people are bringing *space heaters*! Because space heaters in a garage with questionable wiring and who knows what else just sounds like a great safety choice.

    And I can probably report the "landlord" to the health department, I suspect they're all over the "infested with icky bugs" thing...

    So.... Yeah. You know that unusual concern you have for house fires? It seems to be catching.